What Will Happen After the Opening of the Biomass Ultima Factory?

    As the Biomass Ultima factory (BUF) gears up for launch, many wonder what its opening will entail. Will it bring about broader implications?

    The question is apt, as BUF is not just another factory for processing wood biomass. It is the world’s first factory to set new standards in the industry by introducing several innovations. Among the main innovations are:

    • Zero emission technology, which generates green electricity with the highest utilization on the market – more than 96% economic efficiency and more than 85% energy efficiency, concurrently creating CO2 negativity.
    • Surplus energy powers other projects, which are consequently highly economically efficient.
    • The process produces green electricity, organic carbon, organic tar, organic wood vinegar, and organic fertilizer. There is no other plant worldwide offering that.
    • A unique filter has been developed to create organic fertilizer. It transforms production waste (wood powder) into a potent Organic-Microbiotic Plant Booster, also known as the “Redbull for Plants.”
    • The process generates zero waste thanks to the exceptionally efficient use of materials.
    • As part of the factory, there is also a laboratory unit called Biomass Ultima Micro, which is a scaled-down version of the main reactor. There is no other plant worldwide offering that. Processing a smaller input material sample enables the final product pre-analysis in real time. (All other technologies calculate the final yield, causing certain deviations.)

    Additionally, BUF is just a part of a much larger billion-dollar system called the Themis Ecosystem (TE). It consists of several intertwining and interdependent elements:

    • propulsive technologies – projects and factories – known as drivers,
    • other projects (i.e., green vertical farming/GVF project, diamond-making module, public antistress chamber Asclepius8, etc.),
    • the company’s commodity exchange (Online Industrial Exchange/OIX),
    • an E-voucher called IRMU (Industrial Raw Material Units). It comprises a proportional part of final products and a proportional part of CO2 reduction,
    • a special vault for storing IRMUs (MonaLisa Vault),
    • an organized charity group of supporters united in the We4Next Nation movement.

    Biomass Ultima Factory (BUF) Is Just a Good Start

    The production of green electricity is a strategic process for the future, and those capable of producing it cheaply and consistently – i.e., without seasonal and weather influences and fluctuations in the availability of raw materials – are poised for a bright future. Given BUF’s exceptional efficiency, a vast supply of input material, and simultaneous creation of CO2 negativity, it is logical that the project has also stirred up considerable interest even abroad.

    The primary impact that the opening of BUF will bring is the validation of the technology’s operation in practice. Groups of interested investors arrive at the construction site almost daily for a tour. Some are interested in IRMUs, while others are interested in setting up BUF clones for private or public purposes.

    In line with the high level of interest, it is expected that clients for the construction of private factories may have to wait several years before their turn comes. To minimize this process and ensure smooth operations, the team has established its own logistics company with complete technical support, machinery, and other necessary equipment for setting up production facilities. At the same time, a specialized team is being trained and expanded. This construction team will be exclusively available to establish and maintain new factories.

    Influences on Charity Activities

    The following impact stemming from the opening of BUF extends to the realm of charity. The surplus electricity will power a particular unit of green vertical farming (GVF) under the brand name John’s Organic Roots (JOR). A special team will naturally cultivate lettuce and other vegetables without chemical agents.

    A portion of the crop will be sold on the market. The remainder will be donated to nearby households with limited incomes, helping them consume high-quality food and contributing to their overall health.

    The opening of BUF will also enable another project to come to fruition. The team is preparing a special antistress chamber known as Asclepius8 as part of its charity activities. This standalone multisensory technological innovation will simultaneously provide natural antistress therapies in congruence with the highest medical standards. The treatment is based on the cumulative effect of three synergistic technologies: inhaling unique plant essences distributed through the air, color-light, and sound therapy.

    Healing treatments will be available free of charge to all, and a mobile unit will be set up at the most popular locations in major cities.

    Establishing and operating Asclepius8 and BUF’s opening will have a mutual impact. While the launch of BUF enables charity projects, the latter will contribute to popularizing the former. Placing Asclepius8 in popular locations and offering high-quality medical-grade antistress therapies will engage the masses and the media.

    Reporting on Asclepius8 will lead journalists to eventually uncover the background of its operations. Sooner or later, they will comprehend the whole picture. Through the search for the initiator of the project, they will discover the TE project and its founder. Promoting TE, other projects, BUF, and Project Phoenix8 – a driver waiting in the background to be built – will significantly benefit all of them.

    In this way, the whole system will receive its deserved attention and recognition, which will positively impact the project’s further development and attract even more investors, business partners, and sponsors for charity projects.

    All of the above will stimulate the flow and controlled trading of IRMUs, leading to an expected increase in their price for the same reason. Thus, the cycle will be completed.

    Key Influence on the Construction of the Project PHOENIX8 (PP8) Factory

    The opening of the BUF will also significantly impact the construction of another Themis Ecosystem driver, the PP8 factory that processes waste plastics and tires into green electricity using an innovative process called Product Reincarnation Technology.

    Behind the scenes, the team is intensively preparing for a swift start. Opening BUF and collecting orders for BUF-clone factories will bring fresh capital and new momentum. Some teams will immediately relocate to the already chosen construction site of the PP8 factory.

    Besides, the operation of the OIX exchange, the center for trading IRMUs, is also tied to the launch of BUF. The fresh capital will enable the launch of the first phase of OIX. Simultaneously, doors will open for asset management firms to enter, as well as for implementing Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) financial instruments.

    The opening of the Biomass Ultima factory marks a milestone in the development of the TE and heralds the beginning of a new era of sustainable and innovative progress.

    With technological innovations that set new standards in the industry and a commitment to sustainable development, Themis Ecosystem emerges as a leading force in the fight for a cleaner and greener tomorrow. By combining technological advancement, social responsibility, and innovative solutions, the team is ready to build tomorrow’s world today.

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