The innovative business environment Themis Ecosystem, which joins advanced high technologies or “drivers” and directly connects them with supporters, is facing a new major milestone.

    The team has been preparing the commodity exchange, better known as the Online Industrial Exchange or OIX, for some time. All commodities traded on OIX are converted to the same denominator in the form of an e-voucher called iToken.

    The iToken consists of two parts. It combines the end products that technologies create –green electricity, for example – and CO2 negativity, proportionally distributed among all iTokens.

    The company has released its first Industrial Token, the PP8 iTo. In the coming months, other iTos (from the new drivers) are also coming.

    Opening of the first Themis Ecosystem driver and the OIX commodity exchange

    The first Themis Ecosystem factory is being built in a European location (Slovenia), where the first “driver” will be launched in the coming month. It will produce alternative green electricity, combined with CO2 negativity.

    Among the factory’s opening, the team will also launch OIX, which is expected to happen in February or March 2023. This event will create the environment for the first buy-back of iTokens. Namely, the company promised supporters that it would invest 30% of its profits yearly in buying back their iTokens with a substantial profit.

    The founder of Themis Ecosystem, Roberto Hroval, went one step further. “We will not wait for the factory to operate for a year, make a profit, and only then start buying iTos back. We will allocate part of the funds for this purpose when the factory starts working and surprise the supporters…”

    Funds for the purchase of iTos should be provided from the expansion of the first “driver” through economic exploitation. “We expect a substantial amount of money that would start driving this iTos trading story,” said the founder.

    Hroval also revealed the source of the funds for the first iTos buy-back. Funds will be obtained from selling exclusive rights and know-how to business partners for whom Themis Ecosystem will exclusively install equipment.

    Expansion should be technically reasonably easy. It will include establishing new production facilities worth 70 million euros for every 10MW package, from which the company will reserve 30% for OIX and iTokens. Funds will be converted into an iTos redemption fund.

    Every year of operation, 30% of the profit will also be allocated to the purchase of iTos back.

    The birth of OIX

    For the technical implementation of iTos trading, the Online Industrial Exchange will be launched, enabling the easy purchase and sale of iTos. Initially, PP8 iTos will be traded exclusively. Over time, other “drivers” will also come to life, each releasing its own iTo.

    The team will form the price of iTo according to the same principle.

    Industrial Tokens will be offered directly to supporters, bypassing all intermediaries. Any new technology joining Themis Ecosystem will be contractually bound to tender a certain number of iTos and allocate part of the generated funds annually to buy back its own iTos.

    All processes of buying and selling various iTos will be done exclusively through OIX. Transactions will be posted, and contractual obligations will be registered into the »digital saving bank« MonalLisa Vault. For this purpose, iTos will be converted into a digital format.

    Roberto Hroval assures that all current PP8 iTos owners will be personally informed about the activities before the opening of OIX. They will also have a chance to speak with an authorized company representative who will explain the procedures to them.

    However, buying iTos from early supporters is only the first step. The second step will be an invitation to larger business partners and branched networks. In the third step, OIX will become accessible to small investors as well.

    The best is yet to come

    Roberto Hroval reckons the PP8 iTo is far from saying the last word. He expects the price to gain real momentum yet. The reason lies in the demonstrational function of the operation of the first “driver” that will add extra credibility to the whole Themis Ecosystem.

    Once the business partners are convinced that the technology works as expected, delivers the highest efficiency, is entirely emission-free, and creates a significant profit, the price of the iTo should skyrocket.

    The team’s task is to launch new “drivers” as soon as possible, create more iTos, and create a cumulative positive effect.

    At approximately the same time – end of Q1 – the team is preparing another high-profile event: drawing and auction of the unique bullion coin each early investor received. All coins are numbered, and the owner of the drawn number will decide if they want to put their coin up for auction or not. The company will conduct a public auction and sell the bullion coin to the highest bidder.

    The recipient of the funds will receive the money in the account unless deciding otherwise. For example, they can donate it to charity.

    The auction will be the second such activity. The first time, Themis Ecosystem contributed the coin and donated all money to charity. The winning bid was US $20,000.

    The company plans to carry out such campaigns annually.

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