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  • Now Playing: US elections, World War remembrances in London and Moscow: World in Photos

  • Now Playing: News headlines today: Nov. 7, 2018

  • Now Playing: Somber homecoming for Army soldier killed in Afghan insider attack

  • Now Playing: At least 79 students kidnapped from school in Cameroon: Authorities

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  • Now Playing: France’s Macron target of planned attack, 6 arrested: Source

  • Now Playing: Army National Guardsman fatally shot by Afghan security officer

  • Now Playing: Troops at the boarder, NYC Marathon, centennial of the end of WWI: World in Photos

  • Now Playing: Tower of London lit up to mark WWI anniversary

  • Now Playing: Family reunites after nearly a century and an ocean apart

  • Now Playing: National Guard soldier killed in Afghanistan

  • Now Playing: Migrants headed toward US border say they’re fleeing violence

  • Now Playing: Indonesia plane crashed in more than a 100 feet of water

  • Now Playing: Video shows inside of bus in China before it fell off bridge

  • Now Playing: US Marines join largest NATO exercise since the end of the Cold War

  • Now Playing: South Korea’s kimchi festival

  • Now Playing: Before high-speed railway expansion, archaeologists start digging

  • Now Playing: Migrant caravan, The World Series, crisis in Yemen: World in Photos

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