According to Bloomberg, PatentReal Corp is a juggernaut in the technology-driven field, and the company has already etched its name in gold as one of the leading providers of technology-driven solutions across a variety of industries in the world at large.

As part of its continued effort to be a pacesetter in innovative solutions, the companrecently made giant strides in solving two problems with one innovation and this is all thanks, to the Biomass Ultima plant, a novel emission-free technology that looks to address the energy challenges faced in the world today, and at the same time keeping the earth safe and clean. Forecasts show that the utilization of the Biomass Ultima Technology will make Eastern Europe “the best solutions for green energy.”

We cannot undermine the importance of energy in the economy today and putting things into perspective; energy is one of the significant factors of what drives the economy. The usage of energy over the years in its different forms has led to global warming and depletion of the environment — the prevailing problem caused by energy utilization brought about the development of sustainable energy.

One of those sustainable forms of energy has been biomass. Although biomass has been effective, it has been riddled with problems notably; low efficiency, the high cost of maintenance and operation, and the foul stench from the wood used. In summary, it is not a very cheap source of energy. It is these sets of problems that Roberto Hroval, the Chairman of PatentReal Corporation is looking to solve.

Croatia of all the Eastern European countries is the progenitor of “the most advanced technology for the production of electrical energy from biomass” with the Biomass Ultima technology takes things up to another level.

Danijel Maric, the Project manager, and representative of investors, had kind words for the endeavor. He said, “As things stand, there is no project of this nature in all of Europe, and the world at large. It is the benchmark for the production of electrical energy and organic carbon from wooden biomass. I can envisage that it will lead to positive changes in the way we produce green energy in the future.”

Even the by-product of the Biomass Ultima process, the organic carbon, is useful in medicine and agriculture. So, the entire Biomass process is a win-win from every aspect it is viewed from.

PatentReal Corp embarked on this project as far back as 2009, and the progress is projecting Croatia to the Global scene. The visionary leadership of Roberto Hroval, along with his dedicated team of engineers, and scientists has led to the actualization of this technology breakthrough that provides economic efficiency along with environmental protection while still creating clean energy.

About PatentReal Corporation

Founded by Mr. Roberto Hroval, PatentReal Corp is a technology-driven solutions company aimed at offering efficient and viable solutions via technological advancement that would be beneficial to the world at large.  It is based in Hong Kong with branch offices in Europe and China.

The company is best known for innovative solutions and top results in the environmental and green energy related issues.

PatentReal Corporation invests its knowledge, resources, and energy into the creation and development of technologies for the evolutionary and practical progress of humanity.

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